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Riga - Art Nouveau District

The Art Nouveau movement (or Jugendstil) began in Riga by 1899. Its peculiar features were the unusual shapes, flowing lines, floral motifs, the combination of fairy elements and geometric ornaments. It has been estimated that in Riga 30% of the buildings is Art Nouveau, something which makes the city a real open air museum of this art style.
For a taste of the worthiest and finest examples of Riga Art Nouveau go to Elisabeth, Strelnieku and Alberta street, where every house has its own unique shape, and no building look the same. The major interpreter of Latvian Art Nouveau was Mikhail Eisenstein, whose works can be seen at n. 10a and 10b in Elisabeth Street, or in Alberta street, n.2, 4, 8 and 13.
More information on the Art Nouveau movement can be found at the museum of Architecture situated in one of the buildings of the Three Brothers triptych.

Riga - Art Nouveau

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