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Riga - Museums

The pride of Riga lies in its museums, more than 50 according to the National Association of Latvian Museums, which can satisfy all tastes. Whether you are a passionate of history, (Latvian Museum of History and Latvian War Museum), art ( National Museum of Fine Art), literature (Museum of Writing, Theatre and Music), or medicine ( Pauls Stradiņš Museum of Medical History, the Museum of Pharmacy), be sure you will find something for you. Beside the major museums there are also some smaller ones dedicated to specific areas, which surely deserve a visit, like the Theatre Museum, the Film Museum, the Photography Museum, Television Museum, Porcelain Museum, Architecture and so on. You can get a detailed plan for each of them on the website of the national association of Latvian museums: www.muzeji.lv.

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» The castle

» The Cathedral

» The Three Brothers

» The Central Market

» The palace of the Large Guild and the Small Guild

» The House of the Blackheads

» Art Nouveau District

» St. Peter Cathedral

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